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New Board / This was an awesome AD
« on: February 08, 2021, 02:58:53 PM »
You can make ads awesome or horrible, both will be get famous and help your message, brand and storytelling.

Any normal ad has an expiration date.

But wildly inappropriate, low quality, original material lasts forever.....just as any expensive masterpiece.

Which one would you choose to make if you were running a wildly successful market-disrupting company like Oatly?

The normal high-budget or the no-cow one shot out of tune wonder?


Dear partners, Mine Vaganti NGO, a VET provider (very active in the frame of European Project Management), is happy to announce that starting from January 2015 there are opening internship positions at our premises in Sardinia.
MVNGO is willing to host interns in the frame of Erasmus+, Trembling Job and Anna Lindh.
For any further informations regarding our activities, do not hesitate to contact us (


Dr. Roberto Solinas
Mine Vaganti NGO
PIC: 950837360
Tel: +390796010000

Skype: minevagantingo

Online roles available / SUMMER DOCUMENTARY FILMS in Värmland
« on: February 14, 2014, 03:08:19 PM »
( english translation on ?)


Region Värmland söker två handledare för sommarpraktik med inriktning på dokumentärfilm
Sedan 1998 har Region Värmland erbjudit sommarpraktik i film för gymnasiestuderande i första och andra årskursen. Det har handlat om olika inriktningar och genrer av film. Sommarpraktiken äger rum under fyra sommarveckor, i år mellan 23 juni - 18 juli.
Sommarpraktikanterna får sin fasta arbetsplats på Region Värmland, där finns redigeringar och annan teknik som behövs. Utifrån deltagarnas intresse och handledarnas bedömning arbetar de sedan med en dokumentärfilm där årets tema är politik. Det är supervalår i år och vi bedömer att det finns stora möjligheter att hitta idéer kring detta tema.
Nu söker vi två handledare med erfarenhet inom dokumentärfilmsområdet. Du söker genom att skriva ett brev till oss där du berättar om dig själv och vad du har för tankar om årets tema. Bifoga CV och ange gärna löneanspråk. Skicka in din ansökan senast den 28 februari till Stefan Westling, Region Värmland, Box 1022, 651 15 Karlstad. Märk kuvertet “Sommarpraktik/Film 2014”.
Stefan Westling
Box 1022
651 15 Karlstad, Sweden 
+46 54 701 11 22
+46 70 350 57 40

(NEEDED TRANSLATION INTO ENGLISH. Simply Reply to Post with Translation)


Mitt namn är Riccardo Penzo och jag är med i ett team som ska göra en kortfilms dokumentär där vi ska återskapa Olle Ringsfors gamla igloo resa från 1936 över Marsfjällen över en 7 dagarsperiod nu i vinter.
Varför jag kontaktar er är för att fråga om det skulle finnas ett intresse för ett samarbete med eran filmutbildning och oss då jag gissar på att era studenter behöver möjligheter att få praktik på fältet?

Resan är planerad att hållas v.16 och vi kommer färdas på skidor hela sträckan och på vägen åka dom olika topparna som OR gjorde i sin dokumentär. Vi kommer bo i igloo som vi själva bygger på plats. Det hela ska filmas och sedan redigeras osv.

Om ni tycker det hela låter intressant så ta gärna kontakt med mig.

Mvh. Riccardo Penzo

Bazunera AB
Riccardo Penzo

Rules of The Game / The rules of the Game
« on: November 21, 2013, 03:24:03 PM »
if anyone is interested in testing out story development game prototype, drop a line. The game is called - after the Renoir classic - The Rules of The Game. The point of the game is to construct a story plot against three opponents, using cards and dice.

HOW DO I DEVELOP AN IDEA? / What is a happy ending, really?
« on: November 21, 2013, 03:13:12 PM »
Someone asked my about happy endings recently. I love this question because I can be provocative about the answer, so I said: all drama requires a positive ending. Shock and Awe, and comebacks of this nature: "what if I want a down ending instead?"

And I answered again "nope". no can do. All drama wants a positive ending.

Notice that I dropped the word Happy altogether. "happy" is a trick-word, a root of deception because we see/mean different  things by it: Maria imagine happiness as a spiritual state of mind, body or any combination of both. Peter adds it up in material terms: I own more toys, I win.  Viktor may picture "happy" as a smile visible to everyone.  hannah may fell happy inside and no one may have ever noticed.

Drama is a code implanted in our storytelling genes. It help (forces us?) to understand life and morals as a pursuit with a direction and an outcome. Maybe more.  But Drama could not care less about happy endings, really.

History and fiction are full of dead heroes who didn't make it thru the finish line showing off their grinning teeth. In common life most disappear leaving small traces of their passing. Some leave too many. Some have left an example, a sacrifice even. A sacrifice is a positive ending, but not a happy one, think of the hero's family for example, or the weeping audience.

Death can prevent a happy ending, but all good stories are positive, no matter what happens to the hero in the end. Ever thought about that?  If you have a ? I'll be happy to dialogue with you here.

We talk about positive and negative endings in the Story Different workshop and webinars.


Internship: Video Post Production
Intern at GOOD in Los Angeles!

GOOD ( is a media platform that promotes, connects, and reports on individuals, businesses, and non-profits pushing the world forward. Our platform is a gathering place and a growing toolkit for pragmatic idealists to creatively and collaboratively engage with each other, our communities and our world. It is a global community of people who give a damn.

Requirements: Each applicant must be a current student enrolled in a degree-granting program at an accredited university. Internships are unpaid; school credit is available. Interns should be able to commit 12 to 20 hours per week, on average. The exact dates of the internship will depend on each student’s availability. Internships are broken up into Fall, Spring and Summer, as you can see below.

Fall: September - December
Spring: January - April
Summer: May - August


Working with vendors to ensure they have all the materials they need to complete the post editing of projects, include Font, Intro Cards, Corporate Logos, Lower Thirds, etc.
Connecting vendors with Color Correctors and Sound Mixers once picture is locked.
Standardizing videos for achieve, client and posts.
Posting Videos to youtube at scheduled launch times.
Help curate playlist of GOOD member videos.
Daily and weekly posts to based on knowledge and curation of top trending online videos related to the GOOD company vision
Daily and weekly tracking of most current web video and filmmaking trends, including most-viewed new online videos daily and weekly
Cultivating relationships with filmmakers, web video producers and web video distributors to expand the video community
Build local and national contact lists of filmmakers and web video producers
Assist with organization and management of in-house video assets and production equipment
Light assistance with video editing workflow, including transcoding footage, audio/video syncing, editing, b-roll, and prepping videos for finishing
Light video editing for various in-house projects for which could include animating assets.
Light Production work (PA, Lighting, etc. Knowledge of 5D Mark III cameras a plus)
Assist with casting, research, and pre-production for upcoming projects
Participate in brainstorming sessions with editors and directors
Finding places to promote/send GOOD pieces online
Actively participate in and initiate conversations on
Background / Skills:

Active, passionate and knowledgeable in web video sphere, viral/trending videos, filmmaking community and festivals
Experience with Final Cut 7, Compressor and Adobe Creative Suite
Excellent social media talent and effective networking is a must (strong following on a social media site a big plus)
Existing relationships with filmmakers, web video producers and related communities (high-ranking web video producer connection a plus)
Ability to work well independently and on different projects simultaneously
Ability to self-initiate projects based on department needs
Desire to thrive in fast-paced start-up culture
Strong organizational and problem-solving abilities
Excellent in-person, phone and written communication skills

Interested? Apply at (No phone calls please.)


Cinemahead has a 2d digi- stop-motion animation in progress (title: the WOW FACTOR) which is now in its final stages after a long summer break.

If you are interested, we have  2 spots open for apprentice animators + 1 graphic Artist.

Position: 2+1

Time frame : 2 days a week, part time.

Period - vecka  41-42-43

Platform: Premiere + audio

experience required : member Cinemahead and/or having taken a workshop/course. Or signed-up for fall animation course.

This is a fun creative animated advertisement. We will work as  a team of 4-5, and even "distance". If you are looking for experience as a volunteer, apply with a reply to this post and two good links to your work. We reply asap.

If you have questions, here is a skeleton FAQ

What Do I get out of it? Work with award-winning filmmaking team. You get credit and a copy.
Do we animate on weekends? NO
If I am available on weekends, can I join? YES
Is there pay? NO. it's a VOLUNTEER position
Are there free lunches, reimbursements? NO.
Where is the work done? Location TBA
What if I don't know how to use Premiere? (tell us what you can do)

For more  info, don't be afraid to ask.

GETTING STARTED / What does Cinemahead make or do?
« on: March 05, 2013, 09:43:40 AM »
Cinemahead is a community of filmmakers. Think of it as an environment, a space for films and filmmakers in the making.

Who are you? Why, When, Where, How do you write, shoot, cut, make your films?  Tell us!

In this forum you can share and discuss ideas, story development, technical process, or any other aspect of filmmaking you focus on.
As an active "Cinemahead" you can both benefit from and contribute to a creative playground that is here for you.

You may be in film school, college, high-school, or making movies with your pa in the basement (can't beat that) . Maybe you read a pile of books about Eisenstein and Hitchock, or maybe none. Do you watch 4 movies a day on your phone? Do you scan the world for ideas, or just the net?  Codecs may be your thing, or your nemesis. And your next script, is it coming along? Are you awash in buzz words?  Have you memorized McKee?

Every story is different, every film is different. Learn what you can and leave the rest. Stay open to what your peers are making, and get 10.000 hours of practice in. Look for an apprenticeship. Join a film band, play together, make mistakes. Jazz it up until you put the theory and practice together.

Jerry Garcia (JGB, Grateful Dead, Legion of Mary, Old & in the Way) was once asked why he played "weird" underground music. He replied:

"We just make something of value for our community, even if it has little or no commercial potential."

looking forward to seeing you around. You can follow on Twitter @cinemahead

daniel alegi
founder, Cinemahead

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